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Who invented drones?

Leonardo da Vinci may have “invented” the concept of the aerial drone. (I know of no earlier individual.)
However, as far as is recorded he did not demonstrate proof of concept.
I understand that the first practical use of drones was demonstrated by Austrians attacking Venice in the 19th century. They used unmanned tethered balloons to drop ordnance.
Edit 050119 Less seriously perhaps, Mary Poppins was probably the first person to travel by umbrella drone between her home and work. Similarly, I saw her recent film showing leisure drones carrying children and to their home from the local park.

Drones have been around over 100 years !
On Aug. 22, 1849, after months of trial and error Austria launched a pilot-less balloon bomb attack against Venice. The balloon did not cause much damage but it led the way for the use of drones. Later in 1915, Nikola Tesla described a fleet of unmanned aerial combat vehicles.
Then during WWII, the first mass produced drone in the USA was created, the OQ2. There were eventually 15,000 of these drones produced for target practice, and Marilyn Monroe was among the workers assembling these drones!
Drone use goes far beyond just the military, and in 1987, Yamaha came out with a crop spraying drone. The drone did not take off in many places outside Japan, and after almost 30 years it finally received permission to fly in the United States in 2015. Consumer drones took off with the the Parrot drone in 2010 followed by the popular DJI Phantom in 2013. This was largely made possible due to smartphone technology making many of the necessary components for consumer drones much smaller and affordable.
Drones are very new Technology which has the power to change the world and revolutionize the method of doing the things.
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Drones, or UAVs have technically been around since balloons were the only option to get off the ground. However, I would say that the first real “drone” as we understand it today (at least the military definition of a drone), was the Kettering Bug, developed by the US Army. As for hobby drones, R/C plane’s have been around for a several decades, with multi-rotors becoming viable in the past couple of decades, but most of the early hobby drones were created in a somewhat decentralized manner, with a few people taking major strides on an irregular basis and others building of their work.
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A Brief History:
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Have Been Around For 100 Years
  • ‘Drone’ First Used In The 1930s
  • Military Drones Came First
These devices are known by many different names. In the military they are referred to as UAV or UAS, I am going to refer to them as drones. So where did the name come from?
The picture of the plane you can see is of a RAF Tiger Moth, used in the early twentieth century. This plane was modified to become remotely controlled so it could be used for Target Practice by the Royal Navy and was called the ‘Queen Bee’. In the 1930s an American Gentleman called William H Standley came to the UK to view a demonstration. Liking the concept he took the idea back to the states and built his own version.
In homage to the RAF version he named his the ‘drone’ and this was the first occasion of the name being associated with unmanned aircraft.
So drones have been around for nearly 100 years, so is the technology that new?
In the modern era you would most associate the word drone with this image
a USAF Reaper. Throughout the 80s and 90s the Western World adopted this technology to reduce risk to service personnel. In the late 90s these systems were weaponized and the public became increasingly uneasy with the thought that unmanned weapons platforms were flying around out of control. Sadly the militaries and governments didn’t address this dissatisfaction early enough and didn’t make their case for the use of the technology for a number of years.
A droneX Pro  is a name given to an UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), this is a rather vague term covering a multitude of different craft, from simple(ish) radio controlled model aircraft to the most sophisticated machines operated by the military.

So strictly speaking drones have been around for many decades, especially in the hobby field of model aircraft and your question needs to be somewhat more specific to be answered correctly.

Precisely, it was 1959, when USA Airforce all odfba sudden came to know that they are loosing many pilots in war time. They then got a plan to have a pilotless vehicle. Which resulted in to the development of Unmanned Aerial Systems.

Now, there will be issues related to the year of invention and who invented it.

Everywhere, A.M.Low is mentioned who attempted for the powered Aerial target in 1916.

Also, Austria has sent an Unmanned balloons - filled with bombs to attack Venice.

But, that was not a powered one. Of you are considering the powered one, then you will have to consider A.M.Low as an inventor.

For more details, I am attaching the link of Wikipedia. That will help you out to find out who was the inventor of the drone technology.

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